Contacting the bus companies

If parents / carers need to contact the bus companies bringing your child to Walton, please note that you should do so directly rather than via the academy. Perhaps your child has left something on a bus, or you wish to know whether a service is running during adverse weather conditions, or problems with the bus service, i.e. not turning up, late arriving, cancellation of the service. If so, please either telephone the bus company or Lincolnshire County Council. Please find the contact details below:

AC Williams

01400 230833


01476 563118

Mark Bland Bus Company

01780 757671

Marshalls of Sutton on Trent

01636 821138

Travel Wright

01636 703813

Lincolnshire County Council Transport

01522 782020

School bus operators are regulated by the County Council. Our advice is if you have any enquiries regarding the school buses, either telephone the relevant bus company, or Lincolnshire County Council School Transport department.

To find out more about school transport from the Lincolnshire County Council website or you can telephone 01522 782020. Alternatively you can write to:

Lincolnshire County Council, School Transport Services, County Offices, Newland, Lincoln LN1 1YL

A list of all routes can be found here:

Service No Operator Route
A95 Mark Bland Castle Bytham, Corby Glen, Grantham Bus Station, Harlaxton Road
X22A Marshalls Claypole, Dry Doddington, Westborough, Walton
55/56 Centrebus Croxton Kerrial, Knipton, Harston, Denton, Harlaxton, Grantham Bus Station
3957 AC Williams Foston, Allington, Sedgebrook, Barrowby, Walton
5177 AC Williams Little Humby, Ropsley, Old Somerby, Grantham Bus Station, Walton
24 Centrebus Long Bennington, Foston, Grantham Bus Station
X22 Marshalls Newark, Balderton, Long Bennington, Grantham Bus Station, Walton
X23 Marshalls Newark, Farndon, Long Bennington, Grantham Bus Station, Walton
W22 Marshalls Newark, Balderton, Long Bennington, Walton
27 Centrebus Sleaford, Rauceby, Wilsford, Ancaster, Sudbrook, West Wiloughby, Honington, Barkston, Syston, Belton, Grantham Bus Station
28 Centrebus South and North Witham, Gunby, Stainby, Skillington, Wollsthorpe, Colsterworth, Great and Little Ponton, Grantham Bus Station
X22B Marshalls Winthorpe, Collingham, Coddington, Newark, Balderton, Grantham Bus Station